Magnus Nyman

Magnus Nyman
Owns and runs Wallby Säteri together with his wife Sara.

His favourite thing is when people come to Småland and Wallby, experience and feel good.

What is the best thing about Wallby?
The best thing is the morning walks with my dog. Every morning is different. There can be snow, haze or rain. But then the sun breaks through. Then the whole body is filled with energy.

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Tel: +46 (0)383-46 21 60

Sara Nyman

Sara Nyman
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine specialising in horses

What do you do at Wallby?
I run a veterinary clinic specialising in health care for horses. I have two horses of my own called Aragon and Megan.

What is the best thing about living here?
I enjoy being close to my animals. My horses live out all the year round. They are happy and then I am happy too. This is a fantastic place to keep and train horses. I also like the billowing landscape.

What is your dream for the horses at Wallby?
I want to build a health centre for horses where I teach people how to train and feed them. I am passionate about spreading knowledge on prevention. It’s sad to mend a lot of broken horses.

Contact: [email protected]
Tel: +46 (0)383-462182


Susanne Oskarsson

I’m mostly in the kitchen, but we don’t have any clear boundaries here. We welcome guests or take people out on hikes. Sometimes, we cook food outside over an open fire. That’s lovely. But Wallby is so much more than a job to me. It’s a lifestyle.

What do you like to eat most?
Potato dumplings are my favourite food. My mother taught me that. I mostly make them with raw potatoes and some boiled. They are so tasty. But it’s a craft to get them right. Melted butter, cream, lingonberries and bechamel sauce. But no vegetables. And you have to drink milk with them.


Elisabeth ”Bettan” Lundgren

What do you do at Wallby?
Well, I wonder that too. Ha ha. I’m a food and cleaning lady. But I do a bit of everything.

What is the best thing about Wallby?
Besides the people I work with, they are such a lovely bunch, it’s the environment. You relax, even if you’re stressed and are going to work.

What do Wallby and Småland mean to you?
It’s the forest. The forest and smells. Calm and nature.

Where at Wallby are you happiest?
In the manor kitchen, when the fire crackles. That’s absolutely the nicest.


Joukje de Vries

What do you do at Wallby?
I take care of the breakfast and then I clean the rooms..

How long have you been working here?
I have worked here for about 2 years.

Whats the best thing about Wallby?
The surroundings, its so beautiful around here. The staff is great. Its fun to arrange larger conferences, weddings and celebrations.


Per Rosander
Server, handy-man

For how long have you been working at Wallby?
I started this summer, in the middle of our high season. It was really fun and I instantly became a part of the gang.

What is your relation to Wallby?
I grew up not far from here so I have been a guest here many times. Parties, weddings and dinners. I don’t remember them all, but it has always been lots of fun.


Agneta Nyström

For how long have you been working at Wallby?
Just started! Feels really exciting

What is your relation to Wallby?
I live in Vetlanda and been to Wallby several times. I celebrated my 40th birthday here, which is a memory for life.


Malin Dahlgren Leisjö
Cleaning and kitchen 

How long have you worked at Wallby?
I've just started and it feels very exciting! It's a very fun place. I have no experience with Wallby before and now I realize that it is a disaster! I should have been here a long, long time ago, as cozy and nice as it is!

What do you do when you are not at Wallby?
I run a shop in Ädelfors where I do interior design and flowers. My shop is called Ädelboa. Now I'm also going to arrange wreath and flower-tying activities at Wallby, if anyone wants to try it!


Fredrik Björklund
Snickare på Wallby Snickeri & Vaktmästeri

Vad har du för relation till Wallby?
Wallby har alltid varit min bästa kund Jag var här första gången för över 15 år sedan! Jag har alltid trivts med att vara här och jobbet här är roligt och varierande. Det är kul att göra lite annorlunda grejer… ingen dag här är den andra lik. Nu har jag varit anställd på Wallbys snickeri och vaktmästeri  sedan sommaren 2023.

Vad gör du när du inte är på Wallby?
Jag tycker mycket om att jaga. Jag har två hundar, Pippi och Ebba, båda Finsk stövare. Jag jagar mycket hare. Det är egentligen mer hundsport än jakt, det är samarbetet med hunden och att komma ut i skogen som är den stora grejen.