Here at Wallby you have a lot of options. You can do absolutely nothing at all. Place yourself in the hammock with a good book. Relax in the shadow and enjoy the birdsong. We have some more options. Please enjoy!


“After a good breakfast, you may want to do something. A cycle ride, a hike in the forest. Maybe a boat trip on the lake? Please ask us and we’ll share with you all the things that are just around the corner”





Team building
Strengthen the community with the help of fun challenges.
695 SEK per person

We gather at the lake and put in the nets. Bath and pilsner for those who wish.
Afterwards, a crayfish dinner is served. Early in the morning, nets are cast.
695 SEK per person (excl. drinks)

Picnic at Talludden
Hike with a guide through the Wallby forest with a final picnic at the beautiful Talludden.
395 SEK per person

Outdoor cooking
We gather by the lake and cook, with the help of the chef.
Access to dock and bath.
Price according to quote

Wreath binding
Together with Malin, we tie wreaths from what the nature has to offer.
495 SEK per person.

Cooking in Wallby's kitchen
You are divided into groups that create the evening's drinks, starters and main courses in a light-hearted way.
595 SEK per person (excl. drinks)

Just do nothing
The world's best activity.
Made under great freedom and personal responsibility.
0 SEK per person.