We wouldn’t say we are fine dining. We don’t strive to get into the Michelin Guide. Our goal is to make great food with local tradition and raw produce. In the spring, crispy early vegetables. Together, we follow the seasons in the kitchen, refine our Småland with spices and love and finally serve it on large platters. Welcome to our table!

The restaurant is open every evening, our three-course dinner is served from 6 p.m.
The dinner is a fixed three-course menu which based on what Småland's pantry has to offer for the day.
In other words, it can be changed at the last minute.

Maybe we'll get hold of fantastic asparagus in the afternoon?
Then we serve it. Such a chance must not be wasted.

Of course there is a vegetarian option. Please let us know in advance if you have allergies.

Remember to book a table, so we know how many of you are coming and that you will certainly get a table.

Curious about what is served during tonight's dinner?
Call: +46 383 - 46 21 60