Cycling in the Garden of Småland

There’s no better way to experience Småland than on a cycle. Enjoy the smells, see the landscape, raise the pulse. Find your own favourite spots, stop at the swimming bay, go a bit further or just a few kilometres. From Wallby you have the chance to see a little more.


“We rented a couple of cycles and rode around the lake. Some parts were a little tricky, but it was fun! We also cycled through a cow field.”

— Mark, September 2019




Book a guided tour of the classic filming locations in and around Mariannelund. With Cycling in the Film Landscape, you get to take part in the unique stories from the time when Emil in Lönneberga and The Children in Bullerbyn were filmed. The nature and culture experience is spiced with anecdotes and local flavors. Starting from Filmbyn Småland, you can also cycle on your own to Katthult and Bullerbyn, among others.

Book your excursion and rent a quality bike, incl. helmet, map and directions at

Cykla Wallby



At Wallby we have standard cycles of different sizes to borrow for children and adults for small adventures. We also have helmets. These cycles don’t need to be booked. If you are looking for something more advanced, like a mountain bike or a gravel or road cycle, we can sort that out too. These cycles must be booked in advance (no later than four days before arrival) and cost 450 SEK/day. If you are interested in Stora Cykeläventyret (cycling event), send us an enquiry on the form below and we’ll help you, all the way into the saddle. 

If you would like a backpack with a coffee/picnic hamper for your cycling adventure, book it at our reception, no later than 6 pm the night before.




Here you will find all our cycle tours and they are also uploaded to Ride with GPS. To find the routes, create a free account, click on Find a route and enter Wallby Säteri in the Keyword field on the website or by downloading the app. In the app, you can then follow your position. The trails are not signposted, but you navigate via digital maps.

- Bike wash is available.
- Bicycles can be stored in the room.
- Bicycle pump available.
- Various tools are available.
- It is possible to wash cycling clothes.



Skirösjön Route
6,3 km, 62 height meters

A fantastic tour where large parts can be cycled nicely. However, one piece is a bit messy. The most beautiful part, through the forest over the bridge that connects Skirösjön and Salgen may involve a few hundred meters of walking with the bike, but don't let that deter you. PERFECT morning ride before breakfast! The sunrises are magical at Wallby.


Long route through the Garden of Småland
64,3 km, 824 height meters

Fantastic nature, high slopes, wonderful views. A nice round for the experienced cyclist, which mixes gravel, asphalt and magical nature. Don't forget extra energy! During the tour, you pass, among other things, the trading booth in Stenberga, where it is perfect to stop for a cup of coffee and an ice cream.


Around Övrasjön 
14,8 km, 209 height meters

A lovely tour in Småland's garden. Little traffic with mixed gravel and asphalt through the hilly agricultural landscape. This tour works great for the family. At Övrasjön there is also a swimming area with a jetty. The bath is about 5 km from Wallby manor if you choose to drive the round clockwise, if you go the other way it is about a mile.


Golden Route
51 km, 605 height meters

The tour starts through the avenue and then takes you via lonely country roads to Nye, where a stop at the coffee shop is recommended. The tour then goes past the manor house in Karlsjö and through the villages of Nyaby and Repperda. After that, if you're feeling lucky, you can take the trip past Ädelfors where you can try your hand at washing gold, or just have a coffee. Then the last bit remains until you cycle again through the avenue back to Wallby Säteri.


Gravel around Skärvete
22 km, 251 height meters

A completely magical gravel run straight into the Småland forest. Appropriately hilly where the legs were put to the test. At lake Höljen, the road crosses a spectacular watercourse and a few hills later you pass Nils Dacke's hiding place, where you can take a short water break. After that, it's mostly downhill back to Skirö. A decent morning ride!


Graveldreams through the forest
79 km, 995 height meters

This is a fantastic dirt road tour organized by Abloc Camps ( Lots of awesome roads, just enough tarmac needed for recovery and one quaint village after another. Welcome to driving the dirt road dream. Do NOT forget lots of extra energy and water. Cycling in the highlands is demanding.


Gravel from Wallby to Katthult
133 km, 1767 height meters

This is a fantastic dirt road tour organized by Abloc Camps ( Lots of awesome roads, all the way to Katthult. Welcome to driving the dirt road dream. Do NOT forget lots of extra energy and water. Cycling in the highlands is demanding.