Conference with crayfishing


Do you want to take your colleagues to something really special in connection with the autumn kickoff? Now you have the chance in our conference & crayfish fishing package.




You will arrive in time for the nine coffee. We serve home baked goods with brewed coffee. After that, you have access to one of our meeting rooms, inside or outside. For morning and afternoon discussions. The possibilities are endless.

The lunch we serve is a three-course meal. Everything homemade. We usually start with a soup and finish with a cream or berries and ice cream. Regardless, the ingredients come from local suppliers, perhaps even from their own garden.

In connection with lunch, you check in and make yourself at home in one of the red houses with white knots before the meeting continues. Around 3 p.m., afternoon coffee is offered, with home-baked goods, a swim and refreshments, and then we gather at the gazebo by the lake. Together we put in bait nets and while we wait we can grill sausages or shoot clay pigeons.

When we have whitened the bait net with roach, we bait and go out in the boats. We also fish at the shoreline and the jetty with sinkers. Maybe we'll even put out a net to catch some nice perch. In the evening there will be a competition. Biggest crab wins.

After crayfish fishing, there is an opportunity to swim in the lake before dinner, which of course consists of freshly boiled crayfish as the main dish, Småland delicacies and dessert, suitable drinks, coffee.

Early the next morning we lit a big fire by the lake. Freshly brewed coffee is served, after which it takes off in the boats to whiten the cages. Afterwards, slow breakfast before debriefing and journey home.

Price: from SEK 2795/per person + VAT.

For me, it is a great opportunity to take important meetings in a relaxed place. We've done a lot of important business outside of the office over the years, and Wallby is a perfect place for just that. 

- LARS 2019




Vilket datum har ni tänkt anlända?
Är det något mer som kan vara bra för oss att veta?



Team building
Strengthen the community with the help of fun challenges.
SEK 695 per person

Crayfish fishing
We gather at the lake and put in the nets. Bath and pilsner for those who wish. Afterwards, a crayfish dinner is served. Early in the morning, nets are cast.
SEK 695 per person (excl. drinks)

Clay pigeon shooting with a shotgun
Classic clay pigeon shooting by the lake.
SEK 595 per person

Picnic at Talludden
Hike with a guide through Wallby Forest with a final picnic at beautiful Talludden.
SEK 395 per person

Cooking over an open fire
We gather by the lake and cook, with the help of the chef.
Access to dock and bath.
Price according to quote

Wreath binding
Together with Malin, we tie wreaths from it
nature has to offer.
SEK 495 per person.

Cooking in Wallby's kitchen
The company is divided into groups that create the evening's drinks, starters and main courses in a light-hearted manner.
SEK 595 per person (excl. drinks)

Just be
The world's best activity
Made under great freedom and personal responsibility.
SEK 0 per person.



In our large conference room of 150m2 (10m x 15m), you can furnish it however you like. Here are
all the equipment you need such as wireless internet (fiber), projector, pads, pens, fruit, water and candy.

If you are a smaller group, we also offer the manor's historic dining room or the library as a conference room.

We also have board seating for a maximum of 15 participants. Here, too, all the equipment is available.

Our accommodation facility meets hotel standards and comprises a total of 62 beds.